the new lakeside

I stopped by Lakeside Fibers with my kids this morning. The store had some staff/manager/owner changes in the last 6 months or so and was closed pretty much all summer. I think many in the local knitting community were afraid the store was done for good, me included. Happily, an owner of another LYS in town bought the business and will now be running both. After some remodeling of the shop and restocking the yarn, she opened up yesterday.

Now, I've had my issues with Lakeside in the past. Not in terms of yarn selection, which was almost always fabulous, but with general attitude and friendliness of the staff. I am happy to say that when I walked in there today, for the first time I felt genuinely welcome, and so did my kids, who, by the way, were extremely well-behaved. The only yarn they touched was what I handed them because I intended to buy it (which I did! yarn diets be damned!), they didn't run around and make a nuisance of themselves, and of course if they had, we would have left.

Anyway, the delicate issues of etiquette of small children in yarn shops aside (that's a whole shit storm discussion I'll save for another day), the brand new Lakeside Fibers is not to be missed. The yarn is beautiful, the layout is beautiful, the staff is friendly and helpful, and the owner, Jackie, is nice as can be.


I don't get to Madison quite as often as I used to, but that is wonderful to hear! Thank you.
Rosemary said…
That's good to hear. I will have to make time for a visit when I'm in WI at the end of October.
Caffeine Girl said…
I really want to go, but I am not sure I could maintain my yarn moratorium!

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