finished: sweet peasy

Anya has a new yellow sweater.

The color is really more accurate in this picture. It's nice and bright without being too golden in color.

It fits her just right, without any real room to spare, even though I made the 3-4y size. I suspect this is not a problem at all with the pattern, but with my gauge. I checked it after the sweater was finished and discovered I was knitting a little tight by one or two stitches per 4" (the pattern calls for 22st=4" and I measured between 23 and 24). Curious. In any case, I don't mind so much because even though Anya will grow out of this in a matter of weeks, by then it will be cold outside - not just chilly - and she'll need a sweater more substantial than this one.

I think she likes it!

Pattern: Sweet Peasy
Yarn: Valley Yarns Superwash DK in the color "soft yellow"; I think I used a little under 4 skeins.
Mods: The pattern calls for some slight increases in the body section, then a little gathering on the bottom before you do the garter stitch edge. I was several inches into the body before I realized I'd misread the instructions, which said to increase after knitting 6 centimeters, and I was thinking 6 inches, so rather than rip it out, I just did the body straight with no increases or gathering at the bottom. I think I prefer it that way anyhow. I don't like things to be really blousy.


Dee said…
That turned out great and Anya looks adorable in it. I may have to make one of those.

Dee Anna
katie said…
what a cute sweater. what an adorable girl!!!
Caffeine Girl said…
That is so, so cute. If it was really that easy, I'd be tempted to make one for next spring.

I like it so much I jumped on Rav and am thrilled to see it is available for adults!

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