finished: socks for Daniel

I finished Daniel's socks last evening.

We were due to be at a birthday party for a friend's daughter who turns 7 this week. The party was a campfire and everything was outside, so twenty minutes before we wanted to leave I decided that it was chilly enough I should finish Daniel's socks beforehand so his feet wouldn't be cold. So there I was, frantically knitting and promising "Only about five minutes and then I can graft the toe, just bear with me!" while my husband got his jacket and fidgeted by the door. (Stuart really hates being late and when I do stuff like this I know it must drive him totally bananas, but he's a good man and rarely complains.)

In the end, post-football game traffic held us up so badly that I could have just finished the sock in the car with plenty of time to spare, but the party was fun, and it didn't really matter that we showed up 20 minutes late. As you can see, Daniel is happy with his new socks.

However, he refuses to let me take a picture with them actually on his feet, so you'll just have to believe me that they fit!

Pattern: just plain vanilla socks, though with 3x1 rib down the cuff and the top of the foot, a la Glenna's Ribbed Sock pattern
Yarn: Knitpicks stroll tonal in the Kindling colorway, leftover from Joe's birthday socks.
Made for: my boy Daniel. I need to make him more because none of his socks from last year fit anymore. I can't believe how fast those feet grow!

I could probably squeeze a pair for Anya out of what's left, but after two pairs of socks from the same yarn, I'm ready to knit with something new first. Like this:

My latest purchase from the new Lakeside Fibers (not a shop I recommend for anyone on a yarn diet...). These lovelies will be striped socks for my kids for Halloween. I've convinced Anya to dress up as a little witch, and I want to make red and white socks to go with a black dress and pointy hat (though after I bought the yarn I thought an orange/yellow/white combo to look like candy corn would be equally charming), and since I was picking out yarn for Anya, Daniel wanted some too, and of course he chose his favorite colors: black and brown.

Of course I have several sweaters I'd like to make while I'm at it, and I could use a decent pair of mittens, and Christmas is but three months away and I haven't even thought of what, if anything, I'm going to knit for the much knitting, and so little time to do it!


Please, don't remind me that Christmas is only three months away...
Jessi said…
I love the striped witch socks!! I can't wait to see them.

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