when the economy hits home

It seems the inevitable has happened for the LYS in my little hometown. I just read this note on a thread from the Kentucky Knitters group on Ravelry:

I’m so sorry to say, what we’ve been trying so hard to avoid is here… I have to close the shop.
We will keep our regular hours (11-6 Wed - Sat) thru Nov 28th. In Dec. we will be open by appt. only. This will give you plenty of time to stock up. Remember to use up your gift certificates, loyalty cards… by Nov 28th. We will be selling our display wheels, equipment, racks, shelves …
I have so enjoyed being your local yarn shop! Thank you so much for your support and friendship. there are no words to say what you mean to me.

The above is a note from Beth, the owner of A Stone's Throw Artisans in Georgetown, KY. (Okay, now y'all know where I'm from, like it was some huge secret or something). Small businesses in little towns like Georgetown have it hard enough, especially with places like Starbucks and the super Wal-Fart just off the highway stealing all their customers. (Customers who should know better, I might add.) The current recession just made it too hard to stay in business and keep going.

I love that little shop, and I'm sad it's closing. The yarn selection won't overwhelm you, but what's there is nice, and the selection of sock yarn is pretty good. Somehow everything smells faintly of sandalwood, long after you bring it home. Beth and her daughter Meg are warm and friendly, a little quirky (in a very sweet way), always happy to help, always happy to chat, always nice to my kids (big plus in my book, as you know). Every time I go to visit my parents, I make a point of buying some yarn there. I plan to drive down to Ky for Halloween this year again, and I plan to go to Stone's Throw, and I suppose it will be the last time. That makes me quite sad.


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