one of these days i'll make something for myself

But not today.

Last night I finished the first of Daniel's socks. It took me just a couple evenings of watching The Bank Job (very interesting movie) to finish. I'm winging the pattern, using the garter rib stitch pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks.

He likes it so much that he wore it all morning without a mate (I've got about 1.5" on the second sock so far).

I like getting these big skeins of sock yarn to make socks for Daniel (this yarn is Trekking of some sort, very orange.) I can get at least two pairs out of one skein, so if one gets lost or worn through, it's no big deal.

I want to get these done this week so I can get a sweater going for myself, if, that is, I can keep from starting about a dozen other projects for Anya or Daniel or some of the babies joining our extended family this winter. Man, there's always someone to knit for!


Anonymous said…
Yes! Yes! Knit yerself a sweater! You can always pepper in some wee socks and wee sweaters along the way too if the guilt becomes too much ;)
Anonymous said…
What a dear picture of my little grandson

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