Daniel's pants are falling down, falling down, falling down

But no longer!

I made him some new ones. He likes 'em. See?

My little man is tall and skinny. I can NOT find pants in the store to fit him. He's too skinny for the ones that are long enough and too tall for the ones that stay on his waist. Rather than comb every area retail store in a fruitless search for pants that stay up, I dusted off ye olde sewing machine, took a trip to the huge craft store on my side of town (I kind of like that place, against my better judgement) and bought a pattern (Simplicity 3856 in case anyone's interested), fabric, thread and elastic. When the store has patterns on sale for 1.99 and it takes less than a yard of material to make toddler-size pants, it's a pretty low-risk investment.

Unlike (many, many) other forays I've made into sewing, this project worked out really well. The pants fit beautifully, they stay up, they have big side pockets (v. important for a little guy who likes to collect treasures like gravel and pine cones) and they allow my little monkey to climb as he pleases:

They work so well, in fact, that I made another pair this afternoon, and I've got fabric for yet another. Good thing, since the weather is suddenly crisp and cool and no longer appropriate for shorts.

I'm starting to think I might be ready to venture into more complicated sewing. Like maybe something with - are you sitting down? - a zipper. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said…
The pants look great! I was always too skinny and yet too long-legged for any pants to fit me properly when I was little, too.

I might be learning how to sew in a zipper this weekend...I've got to make myself an orchestra skirt because no one sells ankle-length black skirts around here!
Amber said…
Thanks for posting this! I am finding these problems looking for pants for my little ones. The oldest is very skinny. She needs 3T for length but 24 months for the waist. My youngest needs 24 months to 2T for the waist and 18 months for the length. I am getting so frustrated!! I will have to try these! TFS!!
Marie said…
Thanks for posting this! I've just bought this pattern to make things for my grandbabies - love how it's got a collection of clothes for boys and girls! - and went trawling the net to see what they look like made up. Your pants look fantastic!

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