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My last few posts have been so lame on the knitting front. They're either explaining why I'm not knitting or explaining how the knitting I'm doing isn't working out. In the first case, I don't feel guilty. Knitting is just my hobby, and circumstances being what they are, it's understandable. This is a knitting blog, though, and if I want anyone to keep reading, I need to make sure I exhibit evidence that a) I'm not giving up and b) I know what I'm doing.

Here's the state of my nephew Charlie's sweater.

The light is terrible because it's cloudy and kind of wet outside, so the blues look too gray. Oh well; I never claimed to be a professional photographer. But the gauge is much better on size 7 needles (I started on size 8s and it was too loose) and I like the stripes. I'm not using a pattern, though I'm referring to schematics of baby sweater patterns I have lying around. I planned to do an envelope neckline, but I'm afraid that will make it too bulky at the shoulders, so I've set this aside for the moment while I ponder what to do.

In the meantime:

We'll be in Kans-ass in about a week visiting my in-laws and other family. Stuart's cousin had a little baby girl a couple of months ago, and while we're not especially close to her, I thought I should knit something anyway, just because I like to knit for babies. So I pulled out my Debbie Bliss books and started this sweet, simple little jacket with moss stitch edging from Baby Knits for Beginners. I'm using Patons Grace (sport-weight cotton) because I have it on hand and because it holds up pretty well in the washing machine. Don't tell me how impractical it is to give something bright white to a baby. I know that and I don't care. You can always question the practicality of knitting for babies when you can buy stuff much cheaper at Target (sigh) and only other knitters truly appreciate the work you put in (Stu's cousin is a muggle). Practicality is not why I knit for babies. I do it because I like to give special, unique gifts and because I like knitting and other people's babies are a handy excuse. But I digress... I'd like to make striped pants to match (from the kimono and trousers set in this book), but we'll see if that happens. I only have a week.


Oma said…
Your reasons for knitting are totally valid. I think both projects are beautiful. And even if muggles don't appreciate handwork (is that one word or two?), other knitters certainly do.
Steph said…
I am ready to throw in the towel completely on using Patons Grace for anything because I can't get a consistent gauge on it to save my LIFE. It's so slippery. The only other merceurized cotton I've ever used is the Tahki stuff and I think I had the same problem with it too, so maybe it's just me and merceurized cotton. Shame, because it has such a nice texture. How do you do it? Maybe if I were an English knitter like you it would work better, I don't know...cute looking stuff, BTW.
Suze said…
Mercerized cotton isn't my favorite, that's for sure. I've been using bamboo needles, which have more grip than metal, so that might be why my gauge is consistent.
Steph said…
Ah, that might be part of my problem. All of my needles size 6 and under are metal.

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