Because all the cool kids are doing it

I'm doing the Ravelry thing. (For any muggles reading this, Ravelry is sort of like MySpace or Facebook, but for knitting. So you share photos, project details, have "friends" with projects in common like you would share music on one of those other sites. It's like crack to everyone who tries it.) I signed up a while ago, got invited a couple weeks ago, and just started piddling around with it today. Of course, it takes whole minutes to enter every project (I've entered one piddly photo of one piddly project so far), but it's so freakin' cool that I don't mind. It also started a whole domino thing with joining online stuff. I've been blogging for over a year, so it's not like I'm afraid of these cyber-communities, BUT in order to import photos to Ravelry, I had to join flickr, and in order to join flickr, I had to set up a yahoo account. Gaaah. So now between blogging and flickr and Ravelry, I have three different places to post photos and blab about my boring life and in general fritter away my precious free time! (Not to mention another email account that I didn't really want.)

In other knitting news...well, there's not much knitting news. I'm in a state of ennui. The afore-mentioned angora scarf-wrap-thing is going nowhere at the moment, probably because it's July and angora is warm. Plus, it sheds like a mofo.

And this other linen thing? I worked on it some more, and now I just have to admit to myself and the world that it looks like ass. Total ass. I mean, it looked like ass in the first place, and now it's just a few more inches of the same ugliness. See for yourself:

Maybe the needles are too big and the fabric is too loose, or maybe the stitch pattern isn't right, or maybe a linen hand towel was kind of a dumb idea. I dunno, but I think I'll save this yarn until I think of a better project for it. Or off-load it somewhere else (anyone want 4 nice skeins of chunky linen?)

What's a knitter to do? I should start something safe, like a nice, boring sock. Or finish any number of things I started and stuffed into a basket or box somewhere.

What do you do when you lose your knitting mojo?


Glenna C said…
I sympathize with the knitting mojo, I think my knitting has been totally broken lately. I don't know what one does other than cling to reassurances and maybe stockinette? Hm.

I keep hearing about Ravelry and how awesome it is...still no invite though :( Maybe one day I'll be a cool kid there, too! ;)
Thorny said…
Ooh! I'm on Ravelry! I'm Thorny there!

I had a total bit of knitting ennui a few weeks ago too. Finally I took a couple days of not knitting much at all, thought hard about what I really wanted to do, scoured Ravelry like a crazed yarn-maniac, and finally wound up starting a sweater. For me. In June.

Don't ask how that works, but I'm still loving it, so... good enough, I guess. :)
Steph said…
Have the knitting ennui. Bad. Probably because it's over 90 degrees outside. Even the socks and baby stuff look unappealing.

I find knitted hand towels a little bizarro, kind of skirting the cozy territory. But I didn't think it looked like ass. Just...more like a sweater sleeve. Like, the kind you wipe your hands on.
Suze said…
Glenna: they're slow getting the invites out. I think the site can't handle too many people joining at once. Ravelry totally SUCKS UP ALL YOUR FREE TIME anyway.

Thorny: woohoo! i checked you out. And my handle is "madtownmama" by the way.

Steph: yeah, I don't know what I was thinking with that stuff. At least it was half off :)

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