What I'm Doing Instead of Researching My Diss. Proposal

Oh, Daniel, you little goof. How could I stay mad at you for long?

No, the naps aren't improving, and he seems to be on a hunger strike to boot, but I blame it all on those little teeth trying to break through his delicate little gums. Poor kid. I think there's a good reason we don't remember these first few years, eh?

He did, of course, fall asleep in the car on the way home from the Infant Learning Lab (they call us when they need test subjects for language and music experiments; it's great fun and we always get a board book to take home). It wasn't a particularly convenient time for me to sit in the car and wait for him to wake up, but at least I came prepared:

That's 45 minutes' worth of nap-time-knitting-in-the-car on the back of Aran Rose from the Spring '06 IK. I've been eye-ing it for a while, trying to decide if it appeals. Cropped anything on me looks silly, and I wasn't sure about the 3/4 sleeves, either. I had a false start last week when I decided to do long sleeves and finished the cuff on one, then changed my mind and frogged it. For now I've settled on keeping the sleeves as they are in the pattern, but making the body several inches longer, probably to fall at the high hip.

Also, I recently learned that the baby I'm knitting that fuchsia cotton dress for was born a couple weeks ago. Welcome to the world, little Sasha!

Here's the state of the dress as of Thursday:

And here's as far as I got last night whilst catching up on the last down-loaded episode of Battlestar Gallactica (we don't have cable, ergo shady downloading of certain television programs...shhhhh...and by the way, what the hell was up with Starbuck? Were they planning to go anywhere with that storyline or no?). Even though baby Sasha has entered this world already, it looks to me like this dress won't fit her for a while. It's a 3-6 month size according to the pattern, and it looks big to me. It even measures big, despite the fact that my stitch and row gauge were right on for the swatch, and are still right on for the dress. I don't understand how the gauge is accurate, the stitch count is accurate, and the dress is still a little big. Good thing Kans-arse has long, hot summers; she'll be guaranteed to fit it at some point before it cools off down there.

Gratuitous close-up:

Jenn's idea in comments from a few days ago to make little baby shoes is such a good one (and she's even a muggle!), I think I'll make some beaded fair isle ones to match. Won't that be charming?


jen said…
careful with the downloading. we were doing that & got caught by NBC/Universal, who then contacted the university (our internet provider, technically) and they shut off our ports! I had to beg & plead & lie to get them to turn it back on & the guy was like "just be glad you're talking to me and not the FBI."

Not sure which episode you saw (the newest one? maelstrom?) but we saw the maelstrom last night and OH MY GAWD. you'll know what I mean when you see it if you haven't already.
Cool! Glad my knitting idea was helpful. And the beads sound darlin'!

I actually want to learn how to knit, but I'm not going to even try until I get my undergrad degree finished. Maybe not even until I get my MLS completed.
Suze said…
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