in which I pout a little bit

"Holi canoli!" (I had my first canoli in Boston last summer...mmm, are they good) is probably what you're thinking if you've been keeping up with the Yarn Harlot's represent tour in New York. How I wish I could have been there to hear her speak and stick a knitting sample in the "Imagine" picture and experience the power of all those knitters and pointy sticks in one place. Alas, I can't justify a trip to NYC just for that, not in the middle of a rather hectic semester of performances and such.

I did participate in my own little way. I sent some hats:

That's just under a dozen hats of various sizes I made out of leftover yarn from various projects. There's some wool, some cotton, some blends. Some are big, most are small, some of them are kind of ugly, but I would hope that in a place as big and diverse as the Big Apple, each will find a suitable home.

I'm not going to pout because I can't go to New York to meet Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. As awesome as that would be, I'm being realistic. But I might pout a little bit because I don't understand why her book tours never bring her here to Madison. For sheep's sake, I can only assume that the half dozen or more successful yarn shops in Madison and its 'burbs indicates that we have quite the knitting community here. We also have a lot of other stuff she would appreciate, like beer and bike paths. Plus, she's Canadian, so it's not as though the cold is scaring her off. Maybe next time I'm at Lakeside Fibers I'll ask why no one's managed to get her to speak here.


Steph said…
I was going to grouse about writers just going to the coasts and assuming none of us here in the Midwest read or anything, but then I remember that Stephanie P-M did go to Ann Arbor once. (Not while I was living there; I read it on her blog.) If she can go to Ann Arbor, surely she can go to Madison! Madison has way better yarn stores!
Suze said…
with this tour she's going to st. paul and the chicago area, too. someone needs to get her here!!
Anonymous said…
Ha! Ha! She's coming to Lexington on April 21 and I'm going to see her!

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