birthday socks

Daniel just turned 11. I started this blog when he was just a few months old, and when I think about how much has changed about the way knitters interact online since then, it makes my head spin a little. Those are thoughts for another day, however, because I wanted to show you the socks I made him for his birthday.

I'll be honest, here. This color would not have been my first choice! But Daniel has decided he loves pink. In fact, he stole a pair of neon pink socks I knit last summer for someone else...

Notice that one is inside out.
But given how much Daniel loves to wear those pink socks, I decided to make him another pair for his birthday. I did notice that the first pair are actually a little tight on him, which means his legs and ankles are bigger around than mine, though our feet are about the same size. 

There were a few things I did to ensure that this pair of socks would fit better:

  1. I cast on more stitches: 68 instead of 64.
  2. I used a stretchy stitch pattern: broken 1x1 rib instead of stockinette.
  3. I did a heel flap and gusset instead of short rows for a deeper heel.

I often just knit socks without a pattern, but I got myself the book Sock Architecture by Lara Neel last year and thought I should put it to use. This is the top-down Strie sock pattern from that book. 

The yarn is Adorn Sock by Three Irish Girls in a colorway I can't find on their website at the moment, but it's obviously a few shades of pink. I was surprised to see that it striped because I never would have guessed that from the way it looked in the hank. I was afraid the pooling around the ankles would bug me, but it didn't.

I was traveling for a gig for the week leading up to his birthday, so I didn't finish the socks until a few days late. He wore them for two days in a row once they were finished, and didn't seem to mind they weren't done in time!


Lisa N. said…
I like how the socks turned out! the stripes are nice too. It is amazing how much of a community of knitters and crocheters there is now online. I am sure there's been a big change since you started. I started my blog in 2009 and I have more recently been more aware of all the KAL's and the community online, it is great to be a part of it.

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