snapshot: flashback tee for school

School starts this week (hallelujah) and my growing kids need clothes. Anya still likes wearing handmade things, and the Flashback Skinny Tee is a guaranteed success. I've lost count of how many I've made. Sometimes I think I should branch out and maybe try another top pattern I've got sitting in my electronic library, but why mess with a good thing? (Actually, the Rowan Tee might be a good choice for Daniel because of the looser fit and I bet he'd like the hood...but he's ten and entering 5th grade so the whole handmade clothes thing is difficult territory...)

Anyway, here's Anya modeling her latest Flashback Tee. She actually did a lot of the sewing on it and is very proud of that. I had to baste/pre-sew the sleeve caps in but she really wanted to put the whole thing together, so I let her have a go. I also had to attach the neckband (seams with stretching are extra tricky) and do the twin needle hem because she was losing interest. 

Cooler weather will arrive soon enough, and then she can actually wear this! I have several more cut out that are just waiting to be stitched up. 


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