Finished! Beatrix top

My Beatrix top is finished! Despite all the problems I created for myself (as detailed on the last post), I really am pleased with how this turned out. I don't remember when I last finished sewing a project for myself that I will actually end up wearing, so that's a win for sure. 

Last evening I asked Stuart to take a few pictures with the nice camera so we ducked out to the back yard for that. You can see Daniel climbing around in the background.

Buttonband is the reverse side of this fabric. Nifty, eh?

The plaids DO NOT MATCH.

Sewing this top has restored, at least partially, my confidence in sewing garments. Most reassuringly, it fits me really well, and I know I can go ahead with another one without making adjustments for fit. I know not to deviate from the instructions and that it's worth spending the time hand-basting the tricky parts, like the set-in sleeve and curved hem, before machine stitching.

I want to cut out another Beatrix top as soon as I pick out the fabric from my stash for it. Maybe I will even do that tonight.


Rae said…
Love it!!! Thanks for the link!!

Kat Riddell said…
That really came out well-the fit is great! Hopefully the next one should go smoother for you :)
Julie Crawford said…
It's beautiful! I love the madras plaid, and I too know that playground photo shoots are often the ones that work the best.

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