Tartan Weaving Mill

After a day of walking to and around Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh, on the way back to our rental, we took a little detour this afternoon back to the Castle area. There were a lot of steps leading up from the street, and we almost cried when we saw just how many there were to climb, but the view was pretty stunning.

Stuart took the kids for gelato at the Royal Mile Cafe...

...while I popped into the Tartan Weaving Mill & Exhibition to have a look around.

It's a working mill where they weave tartan plaids out of wool. You can see why I was interested.

Cones of wool.

Unfortunately, we got there after the mill workers had stopped, so the machines weren't running, but I got a good look at them anyway.

They were selling 100% Scottish milled wool fabric by the meter. I didn't buy any (Stash Less, yo, plus I didn't bring my wallet in and there isn't room in the suitcase for stuff like impulse purchase fabric) but I certainly ogled it.

These machines don't look new, but they clearly work since there was party-finished fabric on many of them.


I've noticed that where we have walked around in Edinburgh, there are wool scarves and throws and blankets in many souvenir shops (some blasting obnoxious bagpipe renditions of pop music and softies of the Loch Ness monster wearing a kilt...). Clearly, there is a lot of pride for Scottish wool and textiles. I have yet to encounter a yarn shop, though I know there are some here. We'll be traveling around the Middle Highlands the next several days, so I'll be sure to keep my eyes open! There has got to be some small batch Scottish yarn available somewhere...


WildflowerWool said…
Amazing pictures!

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