going full tilt

This is one of those weeks. Anya has a cough keeping her up half the night, I have a lot of last minute piano work I probably should have said no to, we're leaving in just over a week for a wedding and then Christmas with Stuart's family (3 flights in 10 days), the basement looks like a herd of wild pigs stampeded through it, my teaching job has all of its end-of-semester demands, and I barely know what to make for dinner every night. No wonder I can't sleep and I've had a sore throat I can't shake since Thanksgiving.

I do have two FOs to show you, but not quite yet. Later this week, hopefully, I can tell you more about them, but I want to make sure they reach their destination first (don't want to ruin the surprise!)

Meantime, my knitting/sewing/making life is a little all over the place. I tried a little crochet, but my brain at its current stress level can't cope with learning a new skill, so after that first swatch and then a second attempt that just got narrower and narrower no matter what I tried, I set the crochet aside for the time being. I've done some sewing, a top for Anya she can wear to the afore-mentioned wedding, but it's not quite  done yet. I have some things I want to make with felted sweaters, but right now those projects are no more than a huge pile of sweaters on the floor of my basement (wild pigs, remember?) and a vague collection of ideas in my head.

I do owe Anya a sweater, though. She made a wish list a few weeks ago, and one item on it was: "a red sweater that fits," presumably in reference to the recital sweater I made her last spring, which she has since grown out of. I mean, how can I refuse a request like that? We looked through some patterns and she chose this one: Rhymes With Shawl. Her choice surprised me a little, but I'm willing to go with it. Then we had to pick out some yarn (because I don't have anything in my stash that would work, seriously) so I went to the Quince and Co. website (because it's entirely possible I was looking for an excuse to shop there, ahem) and she picked out shades of red and orange for the stripes and a bright gold for the collar portion. Personally, I had something a little more sophisticated in mind, less box-of-crayons bright, but this child knows what she likes and doesn't like, and if she will wear it, I will knit it.

This afternoon, Anya was helping me wind the yarn into cakes, and I couldn't help but notice that her clothes were nearly exactly the same colors as the yarn she had chosen. You can't really see it in this phone snapshot because by 4:00 when I took the picture it was nearly dark, but I'm posting it anyway.

I have no idea what I'll post about next! A knitting FO, a sewing FO, a WIP, the craptacular mess in my basement? It could be anything! Until then, readers, stay well and happy holidays,


Jodi said…
Anya will love the sweater! Just to her specifications, how could she not? Good luck with the end-of-the-year crazies.
Anonymous said…
Ah.. complementary colors on the color wheel--good choices!
Anonymous said…
oops, I made an error. Orange, red and yellow are NOT complementary colors, they are analogous.


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