this week's WIPs

Last night we went to see a fireworks show at one of the city's bigger parks. Instead of joining the tens of thousands of people on the giant sledding hill, we were lucky enough to be invited to watch the show from the front yard of some friends who live just a couple of blocks away. We had a fire and made s'mores and had a grand time, but the kids went to bed hours too late and didn't really sleep in much this morning. So I'm giving us all a by today. Except for their piano lessons this afternoon, we're not going anywhere, not even the park, and we're being lazy and silly and just taking it easy. Also, it's nearly 2:30pm and Daniel is still in his underwear. Hey, it's summer vacation.

Here are my works in progress for the moment. First up, my third sweater for the current Afghans for Afghans campaign: 

It's from a Berocco booklet I've had around for a little while (this one). I'm using Amherst that I bought a long while ago from WEBS, thinking I'd make a sweater for myself before I realized how bad I look in gray. The gauge is perfect, the yarn is nice and soft, and I think I'll have exactly enough. I know the color is rather drab, but most sweaters sent to A4A are bright colors. Surely there's a girl at the receiving end of this campaign who prefers dark, neutral colors? I hope so. In any case, the right shoulder calls for buttons, and I'll choose something nice and bright for that, maybe red.

Next up, socks. Isn't the yarn delicious? It was a Christmas gift from my brother and his wife, and it's hand-dyed in Blacksburg, VA and it even has a little cashmere in it. I love it.

Unfortunately, the socks are coming out a smidge tight. I keep trying this on and trying to convince myself that everything will be fine, but if I have to try that hard I know it's not right. So I will have to start over. It's a pity because I love how the variegation is coming out right now. Instead of casting on more stitches, I plan to go up a needle size, and hopefully that won't cause any weird pooling.

So that's what I've got going on for now. Happy 4th of July!


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