ana for a4a

This week my husband and I find ourselves in a rather nasty situation with no clear or easy solution on the horizon. (It's nothing between the two of us - don't worry!) As much as we have tried not to dwell on it, we inevitably do anyway. We are doing our best to remain cordial, level-headed and respectful, but when one is dealing with a person who is irrational, uncooperative, and downright hostile, it's not easy. I think I've sprouted a few new gray hairs this week, and I suspect I've got many more to come.

Tonight, there was nothing left to do but try and forget our problems, namely by watching a show about someone whose problems are far greater than ours (Orange Is The New Black - we've watched two episodes and so far it's really, really good).

The other thing that helps is, of course, knitting. And I'm happy to report that I finally started over that sock because as of yesterday, my third sweater for Afghans for Afghans is finished.

Pattern: Ana by Cirilla Rose
Yarn: Amherst, 100% merino wool, a little less than 7 skeins (from the stash! See, I'm serious about knitting it up, I really am!)
Size: Well. I was spot on gauge, and I made the biggest size in the pattern book, which is supposed to fit a 12yo, but this looks smaller than that to me, like closer to a size 8. I was hoping for bigger, but it's still within the range of what A4A is asking for.
Mods: None, aside from yarn substitution
Comments: To be honest, I didn't much enjoy knitting this sweater. It started out well and good, but the textured stitch pattern (which you can barely see in that photo) is a 12-row repeat, there was no chart, and I never did get the hang of it, so I was bound to the instructions for the entire top part of the front and back, and for the entire sleeves. That was pretty annoying. I'm pleased with how it turned out, though, and I think the red buttons add some needed color.


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