knitting in the wild

After dropping Daniel off at school this morning, Anya and I took a walk in a nearby conservation park. (Boy are we lucky to live where we do, so close to a good school and several nice parks, including this large one that is old farmland converted to prairie, woods and wetland restoration.)

Yesterday, I took Daniel to the Obama rally on the UW campus. We were among 30,000 other lucky people who waited hours and stood shoulder-to-shoulder, packed like sardines on Bascom Hill, to hear him speak. It was worth the wait, and Daniel was amazingly patient for the whole thing. Still, after all that excitement yesterday, it was so nice to spend an hour in a quiet, open space this morning.

Here's a newly constructed storm drain in the park nearest our house. I love how you can see the trees reflected in the water:

My beautiful girl looking a little more grown up by the minute:

Hand knits in the wild:


Pretty landscape:

Wild turkey butts. Gotta love those.



gloria.karau said…
Bascom sisters son Band Name. Maybe you've heard of them. They originated in Madison? I love to knit when I'm not doing other crafts!
Suze said…
sorry, haven't heard of them!

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