It is 9:30 on the night of the recall election for Governor Scott Walker, and things are not looking good for  those of us who voted against him. I remember how awful it was in 2004 when we were hoping to unseat  George W. Bush, and this...well, this is even worse. Maybe things will turn around later, but I'm not particularly optimistic at this point.

I can't imagine what tonight is like for my neighbor, a teacher on medical leave for breast cancer. It must feel like the world is against her right now. She goes into surgery tomorrow, and I left this on her front porch:

It's a version of the blanket I made for my SIL when she was in treatment for Hodgkins Lymphoma three years ago.

This time I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick-n-Quick, which knits up to a slightly bigger gauge, and may have turned out to be a slightly bigger blanket.

Honestly, today has me so distraught I can't bring any more words together right now. This blanket feels inadequate in the face of grave illness and a toxic political climate.

Pattern: Mad Knitting Chunky Basketweave Blanket
Yarn: Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick-n-Quick, nearly 8 skeins. I liked the yarn more than I thought I would, but I'm not running out to buy more.
Needles/gauge: size 11 needles for a gauge of 2.5spi
Mods: I altered the stitch count somewhat to account for the different gauge, and I think this blanket came out a little bigger than the first one. I left it on ___'s front porch before I had a chance to measure it, though.


gay said…
beautiful blanket beautiful thought. i am so sad for the outcome for you and for all of us. it is a sad day.

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