three-hour mittens

Afghans for Afghans is asking for more socks and mittens for kids and teens, so I took a little break from my regular knitting this week to make these:

Really, they took three days, but there was a lot of off-and-on knitting; probably the total amount of time was a couple of hours.

Big needles (size 10 for the main part) and fat yarn (Berocco Peruvia Quick, leftover from Abrazo, which was leftover from last year's Tall Flower's the yarn that never ends!) make for a real quick knit. These mittens may be the only thing I finish for the current A4A campaign, but at least it's one pair of hands that will hopefully be kept warm.

I didn't use a pattern, but cast on and kept trying on as I went. As a result, the mittens fit me, so I think they'll be just fine for a teenager.

Clearly, I need some practice at taking self-portraits! But I've got a lot on my plate these days, what with running the kids full time, practicing for a concert out of town next month, teaching a couple of students, coaching a voice student, teaching a little bit of preschool music, plus all the cooking and stuff around the house - all without any sitters. Really, the music stuff I'm doing isn't that much extra (well, the concert is, which is why I practice a lot on weekends instead of cleaning up and doing the laundry) but right now everything is kind of adding up and stressing me out a little. Life could be worse, I know.


Caffeine Girl said…
It is so good of you to knit for Afghans when your plate is indeed so full. You're making me feel guilty, but that is offset by my fears of not finishing holiday gifts.

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