new sweater for daniel, and pre-travel crazies

The kids and I are leaving for a big ol' road trip. First, we are Kentucky-bound, and we will leave early this afternoon. IF, that is, I can do 1,283 loads of laundry, clean the kitchen, clean the house, pack our stuff, and clear my stuff out of the way in the basement where the contractor will be cutting big, new windows while we are away. I just remembered about the last part this morning, and that's what has sent me to the edge of Crazyville.

So of course I have to sit here and write a blog post.

Anyway, all I have to move yet is one card table with a few piles of crafty things and yarn, plus some random high school memorabilia my parents brought me last time they came to visit (what on earth was I doing with a package of Monty Python trading cards, I ask you??? and what on earth do I do with a laminated newspaper article about the production of Brigadoon my senior year in which I played the supporting role of Jean and danced a very mediocre highland fling???). I could conceivably just move the whole table over, but I'd rather clean it off. And I don't know why I feel compelled to do that today instead of when we get back, but whatever. It's the pre-travel crazies.

I also have to decide what knitting to take along. I'm halfway through the Urban Aran cardigan, which I finally picked up again this week, and I'll probably grab a skein of sock yarn to make Daniel some more socks because he really needs them. Meanwhile, I finished up his sweater.

Observe how well my son stands still for pictures:

He loves this sweater, actually, and has worn it every day since I finished it. The yarn is Peace Fleece, which has some mohair in it, and he hasn't complained once about the itching.

How hard is it to photograph a four-year-old wearing a black sweater? Well...

Pattern: Knitting Pure and Simple child's neckdown cardigan #981. I use KPS patterns all the time. I love knitting top-down sweaters for kids (not always for adults, but I'll blab about that later), and the instructions are really good, plus all the regular increases at the top and mindless st st in the main body makes for quick, portable knitting. I got this done in two weeks!
Yarn: Peace Fleece worsted, in "baku black", just under 3 skeins
Gauge/needles: 4spi on size 8 needles, exactly like the label said. I've had some problems getting suggested gauge lately, so this was a nice change from that.


Anonymous said…
Black is so hard to photograph, but what a good knit for a boy! And I know the challenges of packing up, and no kids to plan for either! Hang in there.

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