random on a tuesday

1. I've started a new project:

This is Keelin from Chic Knits. I have to admit I've bought a few patterns from that site with the best intentions of knitting all of them (of course), but I believe this is the first sweater I've gotten around to starting. So far, I like it. The stitch pattern is quite intuitive and easily memorized, so I don't even need the instructions now until it's time to shape the armholes. This is a good thing, since I do a lot of knitting while watching the kids in the back yard or playing seemingly interminable games of hide-and-seek in the basement.

2. Before that's done, I plan to start a new sweater for Anya, Sweet Peasy (rav link) in her favorite color, yellow. I plan to use the yarn I have leftover from that hat and mittens I designed.

3. I waaaaay overestimated how much yarn I would need for that hat and mittens, which is why I have enough left to make her a sweater.

4. Well, she wants a scarf, too, but scarves are pretty boring and I'd rather make a sweater.

5. I will, I promise, get to writing up that pattern soon. Dee suggested using excel for charts and since we have excel already and it will therefore cost me nothing, I'm going to noodle around with it and see if I can get it to work. If not, I'll take the plunge and buy some software (I've gotten a couple recommendations about that, too, and thanks for the suggestions, all!)

6. I wish I had more knitting to show you, but I don't. I'm a one project at a time gal lately, which makes for slower blogging, but fewer unfinished projects lying around. Also, doing one thing at a time gives me a sense of control in my domestic life, and that's something I need at the moment.

7. Summer is ending, and that makes me sad. I know that as a knitter I should be all excited to wear warm sweaters and knit with wool without getting all sweaty, but instead I'm mourning a little bit the end of long days and weather warm enough for swimming and water balloons and vacations to look forward to.


revknits said…
I'll be interested in seeing your Keelin - it looks like a great sweater. And Chic Knits patterns are great!
Dee said…
I really like the new sweater.

I am also a knitter who hates to see summer end. I know knitting season will start soon, but I cling to every last warm day.

Dee Anna
Caffeine Girl said…
It is so refreshing to hear about a little girl whose favorite color is not pink! My 20-year-old is still stuck on pink.

I admire monogamous knitters. No need to apologize.
kaitobin said…
Ugh, summer can't end soon enough. Too many 100+ degree days out here in NJ, I'm already planning Halloween costumes! Can't wait to see the finished sweater.

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