Friday preview

Thunderstorms and pouring rain have bolloxed up our plans to swim this morning, and actually prompted tornado sirens about an hour ago. Daniel, who loves gadgets of all kinds, helped me make hummus in the food processor (for supper) and puree tomato sauce in the food mill we bought this morning. These activities thrilled him to no end. I've been doing some serious work in the kitchen reorganizing the dry goods, mixing up pita bread (to go with the hummus) and cleaning up the huge mess we made. And now I'm allowing more TV than I should because it's Friday and it's raining and I just don't care.

I did finish a hat and mitten set for Anya, and after much coaxing, she agreed to a little photo session this morning before the deluge. Here's a blurry preview for you:

The design is my own and as soon as I get my act together (and figure out the best way to do a simple cable chart or two) I plan to post the pattern here. I don't know how long that will take, honestly. I just get so busy with the kids and the kitchen and the laundry and all that stuff that I don't have much time to sit at the computer and do anything more time-consuming or complicated than web-surfing and lame blog posts. But I will get to it, eventually.

Meanwhile, my plate is all cleared and I think I'm ready to start a new sweater for myself. I just have to decide which one!


Anonymous said…
Cute! Cute!

How wonderful that you can design on your own.

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