moving on

Last week at my knitting group, one of our number announced that her husband got a new job, so she and her family will be moving to North Carolina before the summer's out. Today, another knitting friend of mine told us that she and her husband sold their house the day they put it on the market and will be moving somewhere south (perhaps Indiana where her daughter lives, or perhaps Kentucky to a nicer city but still close to her daughter) by the end of June.

"Why are you all leaving me?!" I want to say. Of course I know why. New jobs, proximity to family. Warmer weather is a plus. (Dude, Wisconsin SUCKS right now. It got up to 50 today and felt downright balmy compared to the miserably cold temps we've been having.)

When Daniel was born, I kind of lost my footing, socially. I was still a grad student, but hardly ever on campus, and I lost touch with most of my friends. Shortly after Daniel was born, I was wandering around a local yarn shop in a postpartum haze and stumbled upon an informal knitting group. They invited me to join them, so I did. I kept showing up, and they didn't seem to mind, and by now I would say some of them are my closest friends.

These women, it's not like their friendship with me would keep them here. I know they're happy to have these life opportunities, even if they'll be sad to leave Madison. But I will certainly miss them. For the past three years, the women in my knitting group have been an anchor to my sanity. They are funny, smart, capable, caring people who somehow find me interesting.

I'm not moping just yet. It's not quite time to say good-bye. Not everyone is leaving, and I still have a couple months with A and J before they move. We'll have to make the most of it.


caffeinegirl said…
Yep, that's one of the bad things about living in Madison: People do come and go. I don't know if you think you'll be here for the long run, but it does get better. As people get further into their careers, they settle down.

And I have to agree that 50 did feel balmy today.

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