attack of the toddler, or why you should never leave anya unsupervised with a writing implement

This little stinker...

...armed herself with a Crayola marker and wandered over to the futon, where the pieces of my almost-finished Millefiori cardigan were blocking.

When I saw the artwork all over the ribbing of the left front and one of the sleeves, I knew she was the culprit. She's so dang cute, it was hard to stay mad for long.

Good thing they are WASHABLE markers. A gentle wash and soak in the sink took care of it.

If all goes well, I'll have an FO for you soon!


Anonymous said…
Whew -- you had me on this. I love the photos!
Caffeine Girl said…
She is cute! I swear that's the only thing that keeps us from killing them! So glad the artwork wasn't permanent.
Anonymous said…
Oma loves the photos. Anya looks like someone you wouldn't want to mess with!

Her Oma who loves her despite all her mischievous activities
Steph said…
You realize this incident and these photos will do nothing to decrease the likelihood of Eric referring to her as Anyanka for the foreseeable future.

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