blocking woes

The cocoon stole is finally done.

I'm not quite as enamored of it as I was with Twilight, mostly because I don't think the pattern shows up as well as I would like it to. Blocking certainly helped, but I didn't do a very good job. In fact, I think I should re-block it to try and get the waves out of the sides. If I'm going to be knitting more lace, I really ought to invest in some of those blocking wires. I'm thinking of trying the ones from Knitpicks...but in the meantime, I may try the more economic trick of threading a long piece of cotton yarn through the edges during blocking to get them nice and straight. Has anybody tried that? Does it work? Advice, please!

Also, I will have more pictures for you soon, maybe even before re-blocking. It's impossible to take good pictures of a lace project this color (medium sheepy brown) without just modeling it. I don't know how to work the timer on our camera (it's impossibly complicated for some reason and even my tech-savvy husband has to fiddle with it to figure it out), so I'll just have Stubert take some shots this weekend.

I'm taking a quick break from lace to make some socks for Daniel. He picked out the yarn!


Anonymous said…
I did the cotton yarn thing with my sister-in-law's shawl, and it worked ok, but not great. In my case I don't know whether blocking wires would have helped, because the edge was rounded instead of straight, but for the triangular shawl I'm knitting right now, I'm definitely planning on getting blocking wires, because the cotton string thing just wasn't that great.

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