Finished! Barf scarf

For: Me! I wouldn't subject this thing to anyone else.
Yarn: 1 skein plus a little more of "Happy Multi" by Skacel plus some scraps of a dark rusty-orange color leftover from a project of my mom's
Needles: size 11 bamboo
Gauge: ?? indulgently big
Pattern: drop garter stitch pattern from Little Box of Scarves

Despite the fact that this scarf looks like a melange of squirrel pellets or something a cat might regurgitate, I kind of like it. It's warm and soft and sort of fake glamorous. And I made it in, like, a couple of days. I might even wear it in public (if I know I won't be seeing any other knitters.)


Jenn Hacker said…
Hey, you said in the last post about this that that color scheme looks bad on you. Well, no it doesn't! I think it looks good in the right context. Like with a chocolate brown corduroy jacket in a barn coat cut, or a blazer-type cut... Anyhoo, like I said before, if it's soft and warm (and will most likely wind up with baby barf on it at some point in time anyway) who cares what it looks like?
Suze said…
The light was all orange-y in that picture - I think because of the height of the sun in the afternoon - so it's a little deceptive.
I'd love a cord time to shop, though. Ugh.
Jenn Hacker said…
That's what shopping over the Internet is for... Anything you could want to purchase is only a click away!

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