Snapshots: yesterday (and PHP)

For the first time in a while, I felt real hope yesterday. I did the finishing touches on our pussy hats, we made posters (the kids designed their own), and then we all biked downtown along with about 100,000 other people. Of course, our work to protect the civil rights and safety of all is just beginning. But this was a very, very good start.


No idea who this guy is, but he had a pretty good poster.


Anonymous said…
I love Anya's sign. Is she a bridge player? I'd like to start teaching Owen (5) Euchre soon, but I don't know what age bridge might be approachable for him.

We went to the March in NYC, and took the kids. After the fact, I don't know why we felt trepidation about taking them. There was a lot of safety lecturing on our part, and sharpie-ing of contact info onto their forearms. After the fact I'm so glad we took them and that they got to see their first march, which I'm sure will not be their last. It was about the easiest time I've ever had getting around Newt York, and it really was an uplifting and hope-restoring experience, if only because it was a concrete demonstration that so many strangers agree with me about something important.
That might be some of what reminded me of your blog, and made me think, I wonder how Suze is doing?!
I love seeing that your whole family have matching hats. I don't know how I was out of the loop enough to not know about pussy hats until we got to the train station on the way to the March. Beth knew, but wasn't sure she wanted to explain them to the kids, but I knit one during a young people's concert the day after we got back from the march, and am filling orders from Owen and Ilana for their own now. I put mine on when I am feeling less peaceful inclinations, and it helps me to think more constructively.

I've read some thought provoking posts (mostly from non-white feminists) that were anti-hat in the wake of the march, but I thought they were a positive rallying symbol while we were there.

I hope you and your family are all well.
Julie Crawford said…
I loved participating in our local march, as well! And i loved the unifying visual element of the hats. I know not everyone liked them, and I also had some conflicting feelings about them, but I was glad I knit one and wore it.

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