Thea released her newest sweater pattern today: Greenbriar.  I was one of the test knitters, so I get to share my photos on the release day!

Greenbriar is an open front cardigan with a cool lace panel running down the back. It's top-down construction with set-in sleeves knit contiguously. This means that there is a lot to keep track of when you start knitting, with increases at different points for shoulders and sleeves plus the lace charts, so I would give it a medium difficulty rating. 

That lace, though! It's fun and kept my interest the whole time I was knitting. You're never stuck doing long rows of plain stockinette until nearly the bottom, and by then motivations is strong to finish.

Thea used Green Mountain Spinnery Mewesic for her design, but I'm really committed to reducing the stash (I know, I always say that, but it's true) so I used Cascade 220 in a light heathery celery green color that I've had several years. I must have really been on a 220 kick in the late oughts...

I had Stuart take these photos while we were in Minnesota doing some hiking along the Lake Superior north shore. It was downright chilly and I actually wore this sweater most days to stay warm.

I get a little frustrated when I ask my husband to take photos because, well, he just doesn't have an artistic eye. We got about a half dozen shots, and when I checked the camera to see them, they all sucked. The sweater was bunched weirdly on my butt, or I was leaning towards the camera too much so my arms looked disproportionally long. We got some good ones in the end, but I've learned not to trust him to notice things like wardrobe malfunctions. Sigh.

Now we're back home in southern Wisconsin, so it's safe to assume I won't need a wool sweater for a few months yet. I should wash it (again) and put it away until fall.

I do like this style of top-down sleeves. You have to be very careful about row gauge, but in the end, the fit is much better than a straight up raglan.

That's all from me today. What are you working on?


Julie Crawford said…
holy smokes that sweater is stunning!! And I love your choice of the celery colour. What a beautiful knit, it must have been awesome to test it out. I think the photos look great!! But I get it, photos are tough- I'm very fortunate that Guy enjoys photography, but if you find photoshoots leave the two of you bickering, I'd try handing the camera to one of the kiddos (or if you have two cameras or a smartphone, one to each) and then have them go nuts with a photoshoot. If you show them some photos of the kind of shots you are looking for in advance (I do this with Guy actually), it makes it easier to communicate what you're aiming for. I've been teaching Lila how to use my little Sony cybershot digital camera, and she loves taking photos! Haven't booked her for an FO shoot yet, though. ;)

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