welcoming 2016

It's not quite 2016 yet central time, but I'm tired and may not make it to midnight, so I'm gonna say Happy New Year now and get it done with. I spent some time just now reading all my posts from 2015. (Goodness, there was a lot of fretting about blogging and should I continue or not!)

Normally I try to start the new year with a clean house and a clean slate, but that's not happening this time around. With the addition and kitchen renovation only 2/3 done (at first they said it might be done by Christmas, haha) and us traveling for a week over the holidays, everything is a jumbled mess. I'm okay with that. January 1 is just a date on the calendar...maybe we can aim for Chinese New Year - February 8 - for the clean house. By then we should have a kitchen sink, at least.

I'm looking forward to 2016. At some point in the next few weeks, we'll have a new kitchen and vastly improved living space. In March I'll have a new niece. We're planning a couple of trips for the summer. I want to try some new crafty things like natural dyeing (I got the book for Christmas...you know the one) and possibly crochet (!), along with expanding my skills in making clothes for me and my family; that goes for both knitting and sewing.

As usual, I should commit to making more and stashing less. The upheaval of remodeling has prompted some tidying up and many trips to the thrift store of excess household stuff. I think with all the Christmas and birthday gifts coming in the house (both Anya and I were December babies!) it's evening out again more than it should. And my fabric stash got a little bigger when I went fabric shopping with my mom on my birthday. Oh dear.

As for the blog, I'll just keep on keepin' on, though I would like to post more frequently. I'm not going to commit to a schedule or anything; that would take the fun and spontaneity out of blogging, which I do purely for my own personal enjoyment. But I may try and plan some tutorials or series on particular topics. I also like the idea of interspersing photo posts from time to time, maybe on a weekly basis. This would be along the lines of "wordless Wednesday" or "eye-candy Friday" or "postcards" or any of those prompts that have circulated the blogverse in the past. That would encourage me to practice taking good pictures and shouldn't be a huge time commitment. What do you think?

So here's to a new year. Goodbye, 2015. Hello, 2016. Let's see what's in store.


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