a tale of two cowls

Remember my failed Kimmswick? I'm still determined to knit that someday...with better color choices. Over the summer, I put some of the frogged yarn to good use and made a three-color cowl.

It doesn't get better than red and neutrals, if you ask me.

I started it during my big road trip to Boston with the kids and ended up borrowing a needle from my sister-in-law because I didn't bring the right size along with me. The first one was so much fun to make, and so beautiful and fun to wear that I started another one right away.

I totally put those leaves there.

I think I could knit nothing but this cowl pattern and be happy. I think it would look fantastic as a sweater.

But to own two cowls so similar would be selfish of me, wouldn't it? Especially when there are lovely, deserving people in this world who do not have one of their own.

Anya took this picture, and it's the best one of me I've taken in a LONG time.

People like my sister-in-law, who so generously lent me her knitting needles and then admired what I was knitting.

I sent the second one with the green and deep teal colors, to her for her birthday. Her birthday was a very special day indeed, and I was glad to contribute to the festivities with this gift for her.

Pattern: three-color cowl by Joji Locatelli 
Yarn: Quince & Co. Finch in a variety of colors I don't feel like looking up and listing individually here. This yarn is perfect for the pattern, I have to say.
Needles: size 5 (circulars)
Mods: I played with using four colors on the second cowl because I was in danger of running out of the neutral shades. I love how it turned out.


Renee said…
I love these cowls - so practical, and yes, that's a great photo (and cute haircut!).
Julie Crawford said…
I love those cowls! And you're right it would be a great sweater- and perfect for a Mod Monday, if someone does it! ;)
I don't usually like colorwork in combination with pattern work, but these look so cool! It's interesting how kids can take the best pictures of their parents. I hand the camera to my 4 year old for a while sometimes, and find the best pictures of me when we download from the card.

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