I have had a really frustratingly unproductive week. Work stuff I won't go into here. And now I just spent over an hour writing a post and BLOGGER ATE THE WHOLE THING, LINKS AND ALL. I'm so mad. 

So I'll just summarize quickly and go to bed.

Halloween happened. My kids are Minecraft characters. No picture from trick-or-treating because I was lame and didn't take one. This is from the school's costume dance last weekend:

It rained all day and made soccer games miserable, but that stopped in time for trick-or-treating and the neighborhood bonfire:

Slow Fashion October came and went and all I have to show for it this week is my worn shoes. Last week's prompt was WORN, you see, and my shoes are worn. I need new ones but hate shopping. So I keep wearing these.

Get it? WORN? OK. Moving on.

This week's prompt was KNOWN and I had this great thing written about yarn I have found locally at farmers' markets here and the yarn I bought in Scotland. And then I spent two months knitting a sweater...

...which doesn't fit well and is itchy, so I frogged the whole thing in one go after I took that selfie.

I guess it's somewhat metaphorical that I spent all this time on a post that disappeared, just like I spent all that time on a sweater I had to frog, and that I have spent a lot of time this past week working on projects that aren't going anywhere. Ugh.

It's too late for me to write anything more thoughtful or meaningful, but the last month at least has me thinking about longer term goals for how I dress myself and my kids (my husband can dress himself, obviously!), so I'll be sharing more about that in the future.

I sincerely hope next week goes better than last. Good night, all!


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