I need to catch up

School started, renovation started, I'm back to teaching, in short my life is busy and full and when I'm not gawking at the enormous hole in my back yard or preparing for class or meeting with contractors and getting things in order for the next stage of remodeling, I'm stealing the remaining few minutes of every day to knit or sew or read or do yoga with YouTube. 

So until I can catch up on current and finished projects here, I'll share a few snapshots so you know what's coming! 

Marmalade Jacket from Waffle Patterns in progress. It's going well but not quickly! 
Three color cowl that I actually had to wear last week because it was chilly. Hard to believe now as we swelter through the first week of school. 
Caribou Cardigan by Tincanknits that I hope to finish in early fall. I'm using Hebridean wool I bought in Scotland so this is a special project. I'm a little worried it will be itchy but I suppose that will feel authentic or something...right?


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