Update on t-shirt sewing (because I know you are all just waiting at the edge of your seats!)...This morning I remembered reading about using zigzag stitch on knit fabrics so I spent some time fiddling around with it and look!

I made a shirt that hasn't ripped!

It's cute (as is the model, obviously) but the fabric is from a cheap remnant I picked up at a chain store (Hancocks I think) so I'm not sure how it will hold up. It's not cotton and probably won't breathe and will pill. 

Even so, Anya has a new shirt for fall and I may be ready to try this pattern out on fabric nicer than what I picked up at yard sales and clearance racks. She is a willing and patient model and deserves better, no?

Also, I've been knitting. It's just too hot for modeled photos of alpaca neckwear. Stay tuned because I have lots of fun stuff coming down the pike. 


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