FO: Caden scarf for Stuart

I just can't seem to finish things up as fast as usual these days. I do most of my knitting in the evenings, and lately my evening time has been taken up with teaching prep, freelance editing work, and coordinating via email volunteers for some large outdoor projects at the kids' school. It's all such a big time suck. When I'm feeling overwhelmed I allow myself to whine inwardly for just a minute about how I want everyone to leave me alone for a week so I can do yoga to heal my aching forearms (from all the typing and practicing I've had to do) and knit up a storm...and when that minute is over I remind myself that I love what I do. I love teaching, I love playing, I love the volunteer work. It's that time of the spring semester/planting season when everything has to be done RIGHT NOW but in a couple of weeks, the worst will be over and I won't regret having done any of it. 

Last week was like that. This week is better.

Meanwhile, Stuart's birthday was in March (!!) and I made him a scarf...which was finished only a week or so late. I'm lucky to be married to a very patient man. He didn't mind it was late.

And now six weeks later, when it's finally not even scarf wearing weather any more, I finally got some decent photos of it! We're having a week of gorgeous weather, so I grabbed the nice camera and took the kids to the park for some photos. 

I just took a class in using Adobe Lightroom, and I'm having fun messing around with the editing features. It's easy to use. I'm still getting used to the catalog system, but it's far far better than iPhoto ever was.

As you can see, I over corrected somewhat in the photo above. The scarf isn't that blue in real life. I was able to mess with the contrast and light in the background and bring out the highlights in Anya's face and the scarf around her neck. It's all part of the learning process.

It's all fold-y.

The pattern is Caden, from Quince and Co. I used Chickadee yarn (3 skeins, medium heathered gray color), and it was delightful to work with. I'd love to make a sweater out of it one day. Actually, I want to make things out of ALL THEIR YARN. One thing at a time, Susan. One thing at a time.

I like how the stitch pattern gives the knitted fabric gentle accordion folds. I blocked it pretty sternly but the folds are still there.


Julie Crawford said…
I don't think I've seen that scarf pattern before, and it;s beautiful! I love the texture. What a fabulous birthday gift!
Thea said…
Really lovely stitch!
I think I have to try it someday.

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