on and off the needles

Welp, not too long after I posted my FO pictures of Beekman on Ravelry, I was contacted by Julie of Knitted Bliss, who asked if she could feature it on her Modification Monday series on her blog! That was pretty exciting, and of course I said yes. You can see the post here.

Finishing that sweater really did feel like quite an accomplishment. It took a lot of time and effort and knitting and re-knitting, and I am proud of how I worked out the neckline just how I wanted. Once it was done, I wasn't sure what to knit next. I knit a few swatches and looked through some patterns, but in the end, I think I was ready for a break from sweater knitting. Not a long break, mind you, but in the meantime I have been working on some simple neckwear. You know, projects where gauge and finished size are approximate and eyeballing it is good enough.

Like this cowl:

I gathered some leftover yarn and size 7 needles, cast on 30 stitches, and knit a long bias strip (inc and dec on the ends of every other row), striping on a whim, until it seemed long enough for a cowl. Then I decided it was narrower than I wanted, so I picked up stitches all along one long edge and knit on about 1.5" of a border before sewing the whole thing into one big loop and hiding all the ends. There were a lot of ends.

Here's a quick selfie I took this morning. Better pictures are coming soon, I hope, but don't hold your breath. I quite like this cowl. I still haven't decided if the color combination is cool and artsy or a little bit ugly, but it's a delight to wear and I love all those greens. 

(In case you're wondering, the apple green is Silky Wool leftover from Champagne and Pei, the dark forest green is Knit One Crochet Too Cozette leftover from my Scoop-Neck Fail, the heathery aqua is a hemp/mohair/wool blend that I lost the label for long, long ago leftover from the Lightweight Pullover I no longer own because the sleeves inexplicably got shorter every time I wore it, and the tweedy stuff is leftover from a hat I think I gave to my mom.)

I started another scarf, too, in lovely Chickadee by Quince and Co. This one has a deadline, which I fear I will miss, due to my hectic schedule and a plague that has hit our house this week. Spring won't come soon enough, I say.

I did at least manage to make some progress while waiting for an oil change this afternoon.

Given the stress I have right now, I'm grateful for some comfort knitting. Who knows, I might even get back to knitting socks one of these days.


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