one bourbon

Waaaaay back in March I spent a few days knitting this hat:

Thea needed test knitters, Stuart needed a hat, I had the yarn, it was a perfect match. It took me five days to make the thing. This includes the times (and there were more than one) I realized I'd miscrossed a cable and, cursing, had to rip back.

Then it was time to wait for the release. Wait and wait. But now the wait is over, because Thea's new ebook, One Bourbon, one Scotch, and One Beer, was released yesterday!

Stuart was very happy with his new hat, and since last winter seemed to last forever, he got a lot of use out of it, even though I didn't finish it until late March.

The hat is fun to knit. Those cables keep you on your toes, and then before you know it, you're doing the crown decreases and you're done! I highly recommend this one. I almost kept it for myself, in fact, but since he liked the hat so much and actually wore it (a rarity when it comes to my husband and hand knit items), I thought it only fair that he keep it.

And now it's almost fall. He'll need the hat again soon, maybe even this week. After a sweltering first week of school, now the lows are dipping into the 40s and I'm thinking of cooking hearty soups and knitting cozy sweaters in between work and soccer practice and all that pesky laundry.

Pattern: One Bourbon by Thea Coleman
Yarn: Alisha Goes Around DK, a little less than one skein from my stash. I honestly do not know why I had this yarn to begin with, but it worked perfectly for this hat.
Sticks: Are you kidding? I don't remember. That was six months ago, yo, and I didn't note it on Ravelry, either. Probably size 7 or so.


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