cape cod

I've never been to Cape Cod. I would love to visit one day, though. And since my brother and SIL are moving to the Boston area in the next couple weeks for the foreseeable future, I'll probably have an actual opportunity to do so!

Cape Cod isn't only a place, it's the latest sweater pattern release from babycocktails, which I had the pleasure to test knit.

The pattern was actually released a few weeks ago, so I missed the deadline. This is a first for me, and I felt bad about it, but Life kind of got in the way of knitting, I'm afraid. Still, I got past the point in the instructions where Thea (the designer) really needed my notes, and I had given her feedback so I doubt the pattern as it stands now is missing anything crucial from me.

Cape Cod is knit in one piece from the top down. It has a boatneck style, which I think is a good look for me. The lace pattern isn't difficult, though I had to follow the chart the entire time; I never did get it memorized. In fact, the lace on the front is just the back lace panel split in halt with stockinette stitch in between.

As you can see, my daughter Anya likes to be a part of the photo shoots whenever I finish a sweater. She's a shy little thing but loves the camera!

She is also very cuddly. Here we are nuzzling noses:

Pattern: Cape Cod, by Thea Coleman of babycocktails
Yarn: Classic Elite Solstice (70% organic cotton, 30% wool) in natural; I used 8 skeins exactly, and I mean exactly! I weighed what I had left before I worked the sleeves, and when I was completely finished I had about 12" of yarn leftover.
Sticks: size 5 for the ribbing, size 6 for everything else, for a finished gauge of 5spi
Mods: I don't like  to modify test knits, but I did have to shorten the sleeves because of a yarn shortage. Truly, I'm using my stash and not buying new. Solstice was a terrific fit with this design, but I didn't have enough yarn for long sleeves like the pattern calls for. I do love how this turned out, so it's okay.
I also twisted all the knit stitches in the ribbing so the edges wouldn't stretch out, a concern when using yarn that is mostly cotton and therefore not elastic.

This is a great pattern, lovely with shorter sleeves for warm weather, cozy with long sleeves in wool yarn for winter. Go make one now!


I think that looks fantastic on you! The boatneck style is great, and I love the modified/shorter sleeve length, too.

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