ok i'm done with winter

I'm not having a great start to the week. Halfway up the hill to school this morning I noticed Daniel was looking a little peaked, so we turned around and went home. Sho nuff, he was running a raging fever and will be homebound for at least another day, if not more. Stuart has to travel for work this week, leaving me with illness in the house and no one to help out. On top of that, there is more serious illness in my extended family. My mom has been trying to kick something for weeks. Now my uncle needs to make a trip to the Mayo Clinic next week. He is one of the gentlest people I know, yet has always been so strong and physically capable; it's especially difficult to hear about his mysterious health issues and feel so helpless to do anything about it.

It's just hard to watch people you love suffer, you know? This afternoon when Daniel's fever topped 103, I couldn't do anything but give him sips of water and watch him whimper and writhe in discomfort, too miserable even to fall asleep until the Tylenol kicked in.

When I'm not overcome with anxiety, though, I am able to get some knitting done. The test sweater for Thea is all finished and blocked. I have worn it and I love it, and I can't wait to share it. Here's another hint; I hope the designer doesn't mind that I'm sharing this tidbit already:

I'm also more than halfway done with Macallan, which is deliciously cabled and woolly, and I'm already thinking about what I might wear with it so as to look moderately stylish instead of frumpy and aged. You have to be careful with vests, you know. Untucked plaid shirt with skinny jeans and boots, maybe? I'm old enough that I wear what I want, whether or not I can feasibly pull it off. Just somebody stop me if I ever wear mom jeans, 'k?

We are still getting snow up here, though nothing like the double-blizzards in the Plains States. I, for one, am ready for spring. Yesterday our family took a walk in the woods went sledding in the little park around the corner, and I found myself daydreaming about planting the garden and going barefoot. I have a lot of cozy sweaters in my mental queue, but I may instead turn to some smaller projects, maybe some much-needed socks, as well as a few baby projects for expectant friends.


Julie said…
I love reading your knitting blog, because it's so real. I'm sorry that your son is sick and you're worrying about your extended family, as well. When my dad was sick and wanted us to stay with him overnight, I literally grabbed a long needle and some scraps on my way out the door and knitting became my coping mechanism. When I returned again and again on that long drive, I'd look forward to just sitting with my family and knitting on my comfort blanket/rug/mat, whatever it was. It gave us something to talk about when someone new came in, it gave me pleasure in knitting, and I think it comforted my dad to have that familiar knitting around him. Today I still have that thing and it is terribly ugly, full of crazy sock yarn in parts, beautiful soft yarn in others, and felted and distorted in others. I chuckle when someone compliments it, but I accept the compliment because it puts me back into the place of remembering my dad and his comfort. Phew, long-winded response when I really meant to say when you learn fashion secrets to avoid the frumpy and agin look, I'd love to hear then! I'm feeling a bit worn-out and hanging these days, as are my clothes. At least we've got warm temps for this upcoming snow.

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