car knitting

I'm getting ready to leave town for the day. I have a concert in Oshkosh, WI tonight, which means a few hours in the car and lots of knitting time! I finished one gift yesterday (more on that soon...when it's dry and I have a few minutes to take pictures, hopefully tomorrow), and I've got holiday knitting on my mind. What to bring along? I've got a hat in progress I've ripped out twice and am about to start for the third time. I have two socks that need partners. I've got this crazy idea that I want to knit mittens for all six of the teachers at Anya's preschool because they're so great, plus it's been a stressful year for the school. (I'm not completely crazy - some of those mittens will be in chunky yarn).

So what do I bring along? Hat? Socks? Mittens?

Or, considering my stress level (concert tonight, election tomorrow, I'm leaving town again Wednesday for another performance and for the first time ever I will spend the night away from my children...) how about I just bring everything along? Why the hell not??


Anonymous said…
I vote for everything. As long as there is room for it in the car you can never bring too much knitting.

Dee Anna

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