Here is a truly terrible snapshot of my nearly-finished Goose. Notice how it's all sleek-yet-comfy in the pictures from the pattern page? Mine is...not so much, though I think it's still hard to tell without the collar. For one thing, mine doesn't fit quite as loosely, especially in the sleeves. Also, there is no waist shaping in the design, so I'm afraid it's going to be all bunchy around the  middle, which I HATE.

I have a feeling the whole sweater will be different once the collar is done, though I'm not sure if it will improve things or not. See how wide that neckline is on me? It practically falls off the shoulders. The pattern calls for a  deep 1x1 ribbed collar, which should help pull it in. It might also make the sleeves ride up my arms, though, and I HATE it when sleeves ride up my arms.

I don't know about this one, folks. It might be a sweater for the loser pile. It would be a real shame, because I like the yarn (some kind of tweedy wool by RYC and it's nice and soft) and the construction is intriguing.

Maybe if I keep my expectations low, like this will probably look like a sack of old, sprouting potatoes, but at least it will be comfortable, then I won't be too disappointed when it comes out looking like crap.


WildflowerWool said…
Hopefully the collar makes enough of a difference. Hope you are happy with it!
Renee said…
have you blocked it? If not, I think you need to give the project more possibility...blocking can change everything!

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