holiday knitting: socks for the groom

My poor brother Joe. I took him to urgent care this morning to get meds for his third case of sinusitis in as many months, and his student health insurance from V-tech is so crappy, who knows how much if any of the appointment will be covered. We're just hoping those pricey pharmaceuticals kick in before his wedding tomorrow!

In any case, he can't complain about cold feet (heh).

I made him these socks for Christmas after he commented to me on the phone that the socks he was wearing at the time had holes in the toes.

I haven't seen him wearing the socks yet, but he did try them on to confirm that they fit, and he seemed pleased.

Pattern: I didn't follow one, but I'll credit Glenna C for her basic 3x1 ribbed sock pattern. I think this is about the fourth pair I've made this year.
Yarn: Mountain Colors Bearfoot that I purchased at Lakeside Fibers the day after I decided to make Joe socks for Christmas. I've raved about Mountain Colors yarn here before, and once again I have to say this yarn is worth the price. I bought 2 hanks in case one wouldn't stretch enough for a whole pair of men's size 12 socks. I certainly didn't need all of the two hanks, but I was planning on making Daniel socks from the leftovers (those are almost done). What can I say? Those guys are worth every penny and every stitch.


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