falling down

I fell down today. Twice.

The first time was quite literal. See, we've had some nasty weather here lately, as in an inch of ice followed by several inches of snow followed by below zero temperatures, which adds up to some truly hazardous road and sidewalk conditions. We're running out of places to put the snow, the ice is too thick to scrape off, and it's too cold for salt to melt it. It makes for some nice scenery...

...but buddy you better watch your step. I went to a local yarn/coffee shop this morning. It was (still is) fraking cold outside and the roads aren't great but I had been stuck inside with the kids for two whole days on account of the weather, and we had to get out anyway to go vote (doin' my civic duty, you know, plus I rather like this Obama fellow) and drive Stu to work, so once we dropped him off, I just kept going since I had them both bundled up and in the car anyway. Well, the sidewalk leading up to the shop's entrance was covered in about an inch of solid ice, and I was being as careful as I could, but I still slipped and fell and dropped both Daniel and Anya. Anya, fortunately, was still strapped in her carseat, so she wasn't hurt at all (though she was already screaming because she was hungry), and neither Daniel nor I was actually injured, but he still fell down hard on the ground and I think he bumped his head or got the wind knocked out of him or something. It all happened so fast I'm not sure when I let go of him or how far he fell. I felt just awful about it, of course, and then on top of that I had to walk into this place with both my children wailing their heads off. The staff was very sympathetic, and eventually Daniel calmed down and drank a bunch of hot cocoa and played with some crayons and Anya had a nice long nursing session and we were all happy again.

And then I went to look at the yarn.

And I fell down again, or fell off the wagon, or whatever metaphor you care to use.

It was all just so pretty and soft and I've been wanting to knit sweaters for both of them (even though I sort of vowed to finally knit a sweater for myself because my only nice handknit sweater, while warm, is a little frumpy and starting to pill) and I almost never go to this shop, so I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity while Daniel was (finally) being nice and cooperative and not running away and agreeing to carry the shopping basket for me...sigh.

(By the way, the first picture is some Dale of Norway Lerke, a deliciously soft merino/cotton blend in a DK weight. I chose a dark lavender color for a spring sweater for Anya. The other two are Queensland Collection rustic wool in a nice heavy worsted weight. I plan to make simple raglan sweaters with buttons up the sleeve seam for both of them for next winter.)


Glenna C said…
OOOH, that is just gorgamous yarn...both the colour and the semi-solid tones! I approve of your selection :D
whitknits said…
Oh, I remember that weather well...looks beautiful, but oh so treacherous!
I would not feel guilty about dropping the Danimal. Under those conditions, anyone would have dropped the kidlings! As a nurse once told me when I freaked out over dropping (newborn!) Jamie... "They call them 'bouncing baby boys' for a reason!".

And the yarn is gorgeous! Oh, and thank you thank you thank you for the winter pictures! They are now on my desktop to remind me that 80 degree weather in fricking February is not the case everywhere! The stinking bush outside my work is starting to bloom, for pete's sake!

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