Christmas Catch-up, part 1

Aaaaaaah, DSL. We were at my parents' house all week for the holidays, and had a lovely time, but can you imagine uploading pictures on an 8-year-old iMac with a dial-up connection? So that's why I haven't posted in a while.

I can finally reveal what that last Eye-Candy was all about: my mom's Christmas present!

I didn't get any pictures with her, so here's me trying to be like a Rowan model:

Booty shot:

Artfully draped on my folks' new porch rail:

And, lastly, border detail:

Pattern: Estonian Garden by Fibertrends
Yarn: Fine Kid by Anny Blatt. Inexplicably, the color was called "orange." This yarn was no more orange than I am.
Comments: I got the yarn on sale at Off The Beaten Path, a relatively new LYS in Monona, WI. They had a bunch of it, and it was so beautiful, I stood there for 20 minutes trying to decide what I could make with it before I decided on a shawl for my mom. The Fine Kid was a dream to work with: soft, buttery, never split, no knots, and great yardage (280yds per 50g ball). I'm happy to say I've got about 1.5 skeins leftover, which ought to be enough to make a little scarf maybe for me, maybe for a friend who did a little babysitting for me a while back.

The pattern was really quite easy. I'm a pretty experienced knitter, so the only real challenge was the nubs on the border (which you can see on that last picture.) I guess nubs are a traditional feature of Estonian lace, and usually they involve making 5 stitches out of one stitch on the knit side, then purling 5 together on the other side. Can you imagine doing that with mohair? No thanks! I opted to do three instead, and I think it turned out just fine.

Now I'm done with the pattern, and I am quite sure I won't make it does anybody want it? You can have it for free, as long as you don't mind it being a little crumpled, the result of my little boy's enthusiastic, curious and prying fingers. Just drop me a line with your name and address and I'll send it to you: m*dtownm*m* [at] gm*il [dot] com. (It's up to you to figure out what those asteriks are...just trying to make it nice and cryptic for those evil spammers seeking email addys on the blogs of perfectly respectable people.) First come, first serve.


Jenn Hacker said…
Pretty! And the booty shot? Niiiiiiicccccccce!


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